Frank Stella

19.04.2017 - 03.03.2018

Opening Hours:




For the first time, the Charles Riva collection presents an exhibition dedicated to the American artist Frank Stella. After several retrospectives devoted to him, the art of Frank Stella is coming to the collection with his monumental works. The artist’s process is revealed through his “Polish Village” series.

The exhibition brings together works from his famous “Polish Village” series which evoke, through pointed titles, the artist’s interest in topics linked to the Holocaust and the Jewish people, using an abstract vocabulary.
The sculptural qualities and colours of Frank Stella’s pieces are brought to light in a minimalist hanging which makes space for his large-scale pieces.

The influence of the geometry of drawing, and interwoven decorative details from the façades of synagogues emerge as a backdrop to the artist’s work. The pieces from this series evoke the loss of the Jewish way of life in Europe. Beyond these seemingly vivid, joyful works, a darker story can be made out. The sense of discomfort arising from the contrast between ostentatious materials and the stories behind the pieces only lends an additional appeal to the work of Frank Stella.


© Hugard & Vanoverschelde, photography